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The Compagnia della Rancia in “Rain man”

October 12, 2011

Rain Man is a musical that will embellish your evenings in Florence, from Thursday 20th to Sunday, October 23rd at the Teatro Verdi, in Via Ghibellina. The beginning of the show is set for 20:45, except on Sunday, when it will be staged from 16:45. The event is brought to the theatre by the excellent Compagnia della Rancia, active with great success in the world of the musical, who is now eager to confront itself with the prose and the extraordinarily beautiful story. Rain Man in Florence is taken from the screenplay by Barry Morrow, happily brought to cinema in 1988 by Berry Levinson starring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman in the rain man role. The film won four Oscars for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Actor in a leading role.

“Rain Man” in Florence with the Brunelleschi

Rain Man arrives at the theatre in Florence thanks to adaptation of Dan Gordon and directed by Saverio Marconi. The voices and faces of an intense and touching story will be those of Luca Lazzareschi, Luca Bastianello and Valeria Monetti, roles that in the film were respectively played by Dustin Hoffman, Tom Cruise and Valeria Golino. The theatrical version debuted at the Apollo Theatre in London in 2008. Rain Man in Florence will tell the story of two brothers, the cynical and careerist Charlie Babbitt and his older brother, the autistic Raymond. After years away from each other, Charlie “abduct” literally Raymond the only beneficiary of the multimillion-dollar estate of family, to try to have the custody. A journey into the soul of two characters that are poles apart, a journey during which they will live a unique experience, able to rediscover to Charlie the roots and the importance of love.

“Rain Man” in Florence for a thrilling show

Rain Man in Florence is a project that involves the very active Compagnia della Rancia, the major musical production company in Italy, founded in 1983. Thanks to the passion and the work of the whole group, and especially the artistic director Saverio Marconi, in a short time the team becomes a point of reference in our Country as regards the staging of musicals, hitherto reserved for a niche audience. Are translated and represented authentic cult such as “La piccola bottega degli orrori”, “A chorus line”, “Cabaret”, “West Side Story”, “Cantando sotto la pioggia”, “Grease”, “Sette spose per sette fratelli”, “Hello, Dolly”, “A qualcuno piace caldo”, “Tutti insieme appassionatamente”, “The producers”. With “Rain Man” in Florence the Compagnia della Rancia further demonstrates his love for theatre, cinema and excellent textures.

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