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What to do in Florence in October

September 27, 2018
What to do in Florence in October

Are you looking for ideas on what to do in Florence in October? With the arrival of Autumn you will discover events, exhibitions, markets, concerts, theatrical performances and much more. Enjoy your holiday in Florence and discover the selection of events of the Brunelleschi team, luxury hotel in Florence Italy. We are in piazza Santa Elisabetta, a few meters away from the Duomo and from the shopping streets, in the magical setting of Pagliazza Tower.

Events in Florence and ideas on what to do in October 2018:

  • Florence Queer Festival, at the La Compagnia and other places, 2-7 October,
  • Merc’ANT d’Autunno, Parterre, piazza della Libertà, 5-7 October,
  • Laura Pausini, Mandela Forum, 6-7 October,
  • Fritz Koenig (1924 – 2017) La Retrospettiva, Uffizi Gallery, until October 7,
  • Free entrance to state museums of Florence, October 7,
  • Feast of Santa Reparata, piazza Duomo, October 8,
  • “A tutta scienza” at the Galileo Museum, activities for children, every weekend,
  • Festival dei Popoli, Cinema La Compagnia, via Camillo Cavour, 3-10 October,
  • Florence Tattoo Convention, Fortezza da Basso, 5-7 October,
  • Visarno Market, Visarno Arena, 6-7 October,
  • International Ceramic Fair, piazza della Santissima Annunziata, 6-7 October,
  • Exhibition of plants and flowers, Giardino dell’Orticoltura, via Vittorio Emanuele II, 6-7 October,
  • Florence, the eighteenth century, the Music, Franco Zeffirelli Museum, 2-13 October,
  • DUEL Jose Dávila Not all those who wander are lost, Museo Novecento, until 11 October,
  • Paolo Fresu & Gianluca Petrella, Teatro Verdi, 12 October,
  • Broadway Shots, Teatro Puccini, 12-13 October,
  • Electronics Fair, Teatro Obihall, 13-14 October,
  • Inferno City Run, Visarno Arena, 13-14 October,
  • Mercato Manodopera: The art of handmade work, piazza SS. Annunziata, 13-14 October,
  • Eliseo Mattiacci. Gong, Forte Belvedere, until 14 October,
  • Riding through the time. The Art of horse riding. From Antiquity to the Middle Ages Limonaia of the Boboli Gardens and Piazza San Firenze, until October 14th,
  • Oltrarno Fair, piazza Santo Spirito, 14 October,
  • Claudio Baglioni, Mandela Forum, 16-17 October,
  • Jesus Christ Superstar, Teatro Verdi, 17-18 October,
  • Fiera Didacta Italia, Fortezza da Basso, 18-20 October,
  • David Garrett & his band, Mendela Forum, 19 October,
  • Fortezza Antiquaria, piazza Vittorio Veneto, 20-21 October,
  • Promotional fair of independent bookshops, piazza dei Ciompi, 20 October,
  • Massimo Ranieri. Sogno e son desto, Teatro Verdi, 20 October,
  • Fierucolina d’Autunno, piazza Santo Spirito, 21 October,
  • Cascine in Fiera, piazzale J.F. Kennedy, 21 October,
  • Luca Carboni, Sputnik Tour, Teatro Obihall, 22 October,
  • Ghali Tour, Mandela Forum, 25 October,
  • Florence Handmade in Italy, at the Fortezza da Basso, 25-28 October,
  • International European Market, Piazza SS. Annunziata (o Piazza Indipendenza), 26-28 October,
  • Iverson / Turner for A Jazz Supreme, Sala Vanni, piazza del Carmine 19, 26 October,
  • Collecting in Florence – Artigianarte, Teatro Obihall, 27-28 October,
  • Vinoè, Stazione Leopolda, 27-29 October,
  • Ciompi Mensile Antiquariato, piazza Lorenzo Ghiberti, 28 Oct ober,
  • Carmine in Fiera, piazza del Carmine, 28 October,
  • The Musical Box “A Genesis Extravaganza”, Teatro Verdi, 30 October,
  • The Leicester Code of Leonardo da Vinci. The Water Microscope of Nature, Uffizi Gallery, from 30 October 2018 to 20 January 2019,
  • France Odeon, Cinema La Compagnia, 31 October – 4 November,
  • Tutto Sposi, at the Fortezza da Basso, 31 October – 4 November,
  • Italy in Hollywood, Salvatore Ferragamo Museum, until 10 March 2019,
  • Marina Abramović. The Cleaner, Palazzo Strozzi, until 20 January 2019,
  • Tracce 2018. Let yourself be guided by fashion, Palazzo Pitti, until December 31st,
  • Halloween dinner in Florence, at the Osteria della Pagliazza, October 31st.

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