Events in Florence

What to do in Florence in September

August 28, 2018
what to do in Florence in September

Events in Florence, concerts not to be missed, markets and international exhibitions for a September 2018 rich in novelty.

With the arrival of Autumn, there are so many novelties in the city and many tips on what to do in Florence in September and how to spend your free time based on your interests and passions. Our team has selected for you a series of events in Florence not to be missed:

  • Fierucola del Pane, piazza della Santissima Annunziata, 1-2 September;
  • Change of the Guard, piazza della Signoria, 2 September;
  • The boundaries of Eden, at the Natural History Museum, until September 3rd;
  • FJFf – Firenze Jazz Fringe festival, piazza Santo Spirito, 5-9 September;
  • Festa della Rificolona, piazza Santissima Annunziata, 7 September starting from 8 pm;
  • Rificolona sull’Arno. Parade of illuminated boats, Lungarno Anna Maria Luisa de’ Medici, 8, Florence, 8 September;
  • Fiera di Oltrarno, piazza Santo Spirito, 9 September;
  • Settembre in Piazza della Passera, 12-14 September;
  • Steve McCurry. Icons, Villa Bardini, until September 16th;
  • Il Trovatore, Teatro dell’Opera di Firenze, 13-16-19-22 September;
  • Pitti Fragranze Firenze, Stazione Leopolda, 14-16 September;
  • Firenze Gelato Festival 2018 European Final, piazzale Michelangelo, 14-16 September;
  • Rigoletto, Teatro dell’Opera di Firenze, 15-20-26-29 September;
  • Fortezza Antiquaria, piazza Vittorio Veneto, 15-16 September;
  • The Elegance of Speed, Palazzo Pitti, until September 16th;
  • Fierucolina di San Michele, piazza Santo Spirito, 16 September;
  • La Traviata, Teatro dell’Opera di Firenze, 21-23-25-27-30 September;
  • European Heritage Days 2018, with free admission to cultural places throughout Europe, in various locations of Florence, 22-23 September;
  • Islamic Art and Florence from the Medici to the 20th century, Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale in Florence, until September 23rd;
  • Islam and / in Florence. Collectibles from the Medici to the nineteenth century, Uffizi Gallery, Magliabechiana Hall, until September 23rd;
  • “Artigianato & aperitivo”, “The legends buried”, visit to the historical center / station, to the artisan workshop Ubaldo Baldini Bronzista, aperitif from A Casa Ca.Fe., 27 September;
  • Riding through the time. The Art of horse riding. From Antiquity to the Middle Ages Limonaia of the Boboli Gardens and Piazza San Firenze, until October 14th;
  • Firenze Libro Aperto, Fortezza da Basso, 28-30 September;
  • Opening of the Fortezza da Basso, viale Filippo Strozzi, free entry with obligatory reservation, until 29 September;
  • Bacco Artigiano Carro Matto, traditional parade for the blessing of wine with the offer at the Signoria of Florence, piazza di Parte Guelfa, 3.30 pm, 29 September;
  • Ciompi Mensile Antiquariato, piazza Lorenzo Ghiberti, 30 September;
  • Corri La Vita 2018, piazza Vittorio Veneto, 30 September;
  • Raffaello, Rubens, Tiepolo Studi d’Autore from the ̕̕ 500 to ̕ 700, Museo Horne, until September 30rd;
  • Fritz Koenig (1924 – 2017) The Retrospective, Uffizi Gallery, until October 7th;
  • Eliseo Mattiacci.Gong, Forte Belvedere, until October 14th;
  • Traveling with style: Driving cars, letting yourself be guided by trends, Palazzo Pitti, Museum of Fashion and Costume, until December 2nd;
  • Italy in Hollywood, Salvatore Ferragamo Museum, until 10 March 2019;
  • Da Vinci Experience, Church of Santo Stefano al Ponte, until October 7th;
  • Marina Abramović. The Cleaner, Palazzo Strozzi, from 21 September 2018 until 20 January 2019.

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