Halloween in Florence 2015

October 22, 2015
Halloween in Florence 2015 in a fearful hotel

Halloween in Florence 2015 in a fearful hotel

A thrilling Halloween in Florence 2015 with a special deal only for guests looking for an exciting adventure in occasion of the All Saint’s long holiday. The original proposal is only available from 30 October to 1 November 2015. You cannot lose it!
You will experience the unique sensation of staying in one of the oldest historical buildings in the city, with its Byzantine Pagliazza Tower, a former medieval church and the underground that house a museum with treasures of the Renaissance and ancient Roman calidarium which can still be visited.

Our proposal includes:
– One or more overnight stay in a room of your choice,
– Breakfast buffet in the historic Saloni Stella and Liberty,
– free Wi Fi,
– Use of the fitness area,
– An aperitif and a themed dinner served in the Byzantine tower, in our restaurant “Osteria della Pagliazza”, made with the amazing recipes by Executive Chef Giuseppe Bonadonna and the magical wine pairings by Maitre Alessandro Recupero.
The children’s menu is à la carte and it is not included in the total price.

Rates from: € 196,00 per person
The hotel has been repeatedly mentioned in the novels of Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code and Hell. The protagonist of the famous novels, Robert Langdon, has repeatedly stayed at Brunelleschi.

“When can I see you again?” Langdon reeled momentarily, lost in her eyes. “When?” He paused, curious if she had any idea how much he had been wondering the same thing.
“Well, actually, next month I’m lecturing at a conference in Florence. I’ll be there a week without much to do.”
“Is that an invitation?” “We’d be living in luxury. They’re giving me a room at the Brunelleschi.”

From Inferno:
“It was early evening when Langdon made his way across Piazza Sant’Elisabetta and returned to Florence’s elegant Hotel Brunelleschi. Upstairs in his room, he was relieved to find an oversize package waiting for him.”

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