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Ice Cream Festival in Florence

March 30, 2017
Ice Cream Festival in Florence

Ice Cream Festival in Florence, taste awaits you at Piazzale Michelangelo

Ice Cream Festival in Florence is ready to invade the Tuscan capital with taste, flavour and colours that will attract the attention of adults and especially children for the most delicious feast of the year. See you at Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence from Friday 21st to Tuesday, 25th April 2017 with the new edition of an event expected like never before. Gelato Festival in Florence is the right occasion to catapult oneself into the centre of Florence, to enjoy the creations of the best ice cream artisans in Italy, but also to admire the many cultural and artistic masterpieces of the place, maybe by staying in the charming Hotel Brunelleschi, 4-star hotel located in the central Piazza Santa Elisabetta, therefore perfect to reach the place of the event and the downtown museums.

Tickets for Ice Cream Festival in Florence

Tickets for Ice Cream Festival in Florence can also be purchased online from the official website >>
In this way you will avoid any annoying queues.
The ticket lasts one day.

If you buy the ticket during the festival it is valid only for that day; if you buy ticket in advance it is valid for the day in which you will pick up it at the checkout of the Festival during public opening hours.
With the ticket you can assay the novelties of the proposed tastes, during and outside competition, always unique and original; participate to all the events and activities of the Ice Cream Festival, to be part of the jury and vote for the taste that has won you more.

Program of Ice Cream Festival in Florence

The program of events and activities of Ice Cream Festival in Florence is not yet available in the official website. With the daily ticket you will still have access to all events and activities and vote for your favourite taste that will go into the final of a European competition that sees the involvement of other Italian and foreign cities in the Gelato Festival.

Find out new tastes and ideas with Ice Cream Festival in Florence

To complete your holiday in the city you cannot not stay at the Hotel Brunelleschi, a structure that will be able to impress guests with the regal elegance of its rooms, the ancient history, the taste of its cuisine and the wonderful landscape visible from the rooms.

Ice Cream Festival in FlorenceFor more information you can also contact us via email at info@hotelbrunelleschi.it, by phone at +39.055.27370 or by filling in the following fields. We will reply you as soon as possible.

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